Many moons ago, on a work trip to Sri Lanka, I managed to bring home a full canteen of cutlery in my case.

Not the first thing you’d expect to buy from over there, but it was really unique and so I bought everything, including the bottle opener and carving set! Over the years, multiple pieces have gone walkabouts, leaving us with a rather depleted set.

So after a good few months searching around for a replacement I was getting pretty disillusioned at what I had found. Everything seemd to be super contemporary, super dull, super expensive or super naff! Fortunately, I came across the solution at an antiques fair last week with this stylish selection.

The main pieces have a traditional rattail profile. The epitome of enduring style, this design dates back to 1604 when table etiquette was imperative.

Quintessentially English, Rattail is understated and elegant; the embodiment of a modern classic with a subtle raised detail. Unlike most modern interpretations, however, these older pieces have a beautiful weight and a lovely shape and depth to the spoon.

The knives have a bone handle, which is, unfortunately, not dishwasher proof. However, washing a few knives at the end of the day seems a small price to pay. I also found two lovely individual spoons to complement the main pieces – a delicate coffee spoon with intricately detailed handle and a cute fanned dessert spoon which reminds me exactly of one I used as a kid. Who knew desserts could taste even better!!